The Meepo NLS Belt is a new electric skateboard that stands out from other Meepo models by using dual belt drive trains rather than HUB ones. Built with a handful of Boosted Board core components, the Meepo NLS Belt builds upon these to provide improved range, reliability, and power, making this eboard a joy to ride and a long-anticipated addition to the market.

✓ Flexible bamboo deck The deck is made of 7 layers of bamboo and 2 layers of fiberglass, making it simultaneously flexible, durable, and comfortable to stand on. The mild concave of the deck along with the coarse grip tape coating offers great maneuverability and grip while riding. The deck area is spacey at 96.5cm x 22.8 cm and is generously provided with front and rear end bash guards to protect the tips of the board from head-on collisions. 

✓ Unique & long-range battery Equipped with a 288Wh Samsung 40T battery in a 10S2P configuration, this eboard can reach up to 30 km in range, similar to competitor brands at this price point. However, the battery pack comes with its own unique design features, such as an indicator screen that displays the exact percentage of power in the battery rather than imprecise bar indicators. A multi-head USB charger is also included that can be plugged into the battery pack in case you need to charge your ESC remote (or even your phone!) while out riding, a very convenient feature that can definitely come in handy.

✓ Dynamic ESC If you prefer having multiple options to adjust your speed or even your brakes while riding, the LingYi ESC fitted on this electric skateboard offers plenty of choices. Along with 4 speed modes, 4 brake modes with varying levels of strength can be chosen to match your preferred riding style. The ESC also comes with an integrated push-to-start feature, allowing riders to turn on the eboard by simply pushing it forward rather than bending down to press the power button.

✓ Wide-screen remote In contrast with other brands, the bright LED display on the remote is more than double the size of remote screens commonly seen in the market. It simultaneously shows a host of indicators such as the set speed and brake modes, battery capacity, current speed, and a trip odometer. With an upgraded matte-rubber finish to improve grip, the remote is comfortable to hold and makes it easy to check your stats while on the road.

✓ Powerful motors Equipped with robust dual 900Wh belt drive trains originally used by Boosted Boards, that have a total power output of 1800Wh, the Meepo NLS Belt is capable of serious amounts of torque.Thanks to the combination of the powerful motors and battery, this board is able to achieve up to 37 km/h top speed with the 85mm wheels. This level of torque also means it can climb up to 30% graded hills with relative ease. The high torque and quick acceleration are highlights of the Meepo NLS Belt that make it a thrill to ride.

✓ Fantastic trucks Utilizing the same bushings and trucks from Boosted Boards, the 190 mm precision CNC trucks are tried and tested and work excellently with the flexible deck. Combined with 85mm 78A Boosted wheels and the result is a smooth riding experience with plenty of fun carving potential to enjoy.

✓ Added variety  In addition to an already great set of wheels, this electric board comes with an extra set of 105 mm Cloudwheels, which further significantly improves the ride comfort on rougher terrain.. Riders looking to improve speed can also easily equip these Cloudwheels to increase overall top speed by up to nearly 20%. Meepo also goes the extra mile by generously providing a 3A battery charger for faster charging, rather than the standard 2A charger commonly packed with other eboard brands.


Altogether the Meepo NLS Belt distinguishes itself with a powerful set of dual belt drive trains supported by a reliable battery and strong, sturdy components. With its array of accessories, high torque, quick acceleration, and a host of speed and brake modes, this electric skateboard has plenty to offer for both beginner and experienced riders alike.


You will also receive our Electric longboard stand worth 48€ with every Meepo NLS Belt as a gift from us. So don't hesitate!


Package contents

Meepo NLS Belt electric longboard, remote controller, 4x 105mm Cloudwheels set, electric longboard stand,multi-USB cable,  charger, skate tools, spare screws and nuts, 100A Macaroons Bushings.


Technical specifications

Maximum speed: 37 km/h / 45 km/h

Maximum range: 30 km

Battery type: Li-Ion, Samsung

Battery capacity: 8 Ah / 288 Wh

Motor power: 1800W

Charge time: 2.5 hours

Weight: 8.2 kg

Maximum load: 150 kg

Wheels size: 85 / 105 mm

Replaceable wheels: yes

Recuperation when braking: yes



Range 30 km
Motor 2x900 W = 1800 W
Maximum climb angle 30%
Max speed 37 km/h 45 km/h
Charge time 2,5 hours
Max load 150 kg
Dimensions 98 x 23 x 15 cm
Weight 8.7 kg

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Meepo NLS Belt Electric longboard

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