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The Meepo brand is very well known amongst the electric longboards enthusiasts. It's one of the founding brands of the "Budget e-boards" category, which is known for excellent ride characteristics and affordable price. The Meepo Classic 2 model is the second generation of electric longboards solely focused on the ride experience, whether it be the use of so-called drop-through deck or the smooth Hobbywing ESC.

The Meepo Classic 2 is based on its successful predecessor, the Meepo Classic, but it's improved in many areas. The new enclosure also fixes the few issues riders had with the previous generation.

For Meepo, the Meepo Classic 2 is in many ways a pioneer.
The use of the famously smooth Hobbywing ESC, the choice of a so-called drop-through deck ( the deck has only about 10.5 cm clearance from the ground, which results in incredible stability and ride comfort) or the revolutionary placement of both, the ESC and battery, into one enclosure, results in a board that Meepo has never attempted to build before.

Meepo Classic 2 electric longboard uses the Hobbywing ESC made famous (mainly by WowGo) for its smoothness.
This ESC ( electronic speed controller) is perfect for a comfortable ride where you don't need the extreme acceleration or braking power of other ESC's such as LINGYI ESC, and the precise control of the Hobbywing ESC is preferred.
This ESC allows for a solid top speed of 40 km/h for this board.

But the ESC would be useless without a proper battery.
Meepo Classic 2 uses the biggest battery built so far, in the long history of the Meepo brand. This battery consists of 35E 18650 Samsung cells in a 10S3P configuration, resulting in a capacity of 10.5 Ah.
This allows the incredible max range of 40 kilometers.

In order for you to really enjoy the ride on the Meepo Classic 2, it uses 2 powerful HUB motors with a combined power of 2x540W.
This means that Meepo Classic 2 is able to scale a 25% hill with a rider weighing up to 113kg.

Meepo Classic 2 electric longboard is supplied with so-called Meepo NR B remote.
Thanks to its built-in 2 Ah battery, this remote can operate continuously for 10 weeks on a single charge. But the main feature of this remote is the built-in 3-watt / 250-400 lm flashlight that lasts up to 2 hours.

And let's not forget the "Shredder trucks", which are custom trucks carefully crafted for electric longboards intended for high speeds, developed by Meepo.

Also, big 97mm comfortable wheels are mounted on these trucks, which are perfect for any debris left on the road. They are made using a Taiwanese made polyurethane, that will last up to 3000 km of riding.

The last specialty of this electric longboard is the deck, made from 9 layers of maple and carbon fiber, 97 cm long and 23 cm wide.
This deck has a special shape, so-called "double concave". meaning the deck is slightly bent towards the center, which allows for a comfortable foot placing.
Considering the chosen drop-through construction, the deck is only 10.5 cm above the ground and even though it has a considerable flex, you don't have to worry about bottoming out.

As you can see, Meepo Classic 2 offers a lot of innovative and revolutionary solutions, and the result is spectacular.
If you are looking for an electric longboard that offers a really comfortable ride, has an incredible 40 km range and uses the proven, smooth, Hobbywing ESC, Meepo Classic 2 is the right choice!


What's included:
Meepo Classic 2 electric longboard, remote controller, charger, skate tools, spare screws, and nuts.


Technical specifications:

Motor power 2x540 = 1080 W 
Max speed: 40 km/h 
Max range: 40 km 
Battery type, brand: Li-Ion, SAMSUNG 
Battery capacity: 10500 mAh 
Charging time: 4 hours 
Weight: 8.25 kg 
Max load: 113 kg 
Wheel size: 97mm 
Max incline: 25%
Energy recuperation when braking

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Meepo Classic 2 electric longboard

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