About us


Speedio was founded by myself and my brother Matej with a mission to accelerate the e-mobility market in the Czech Republic and consequently in the whole of Europe back in 2015. We were the first company to import electric hoverboards to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and we reached millions of passionate people, many of whom became our loyal customers. 

But hoverboards were only a stepping stone in our plans to introduce everybody to the awesomeness of electric mobility vehicles. We added electric longboards and scooters soon after, and we are not stopping there. Our mission is to offer the whole range of electric vehicles, ranging from hoverboards, electric longboards, electric scooters, and motorcycles, to eventually electric cars and who knows what else. 

We enjoy special relationships with our suppliers, such as Jason from WowGo, Kieran from Meepo or Sally from Ownboard. Together, we work hard to offer our customers the best experience possible. That is also the reason why we have our own warehouse, where we work around the clock to ship your orders as fast as possible throughout the whole of Europe. And if ever something bad happens to a product you bought from us, your purchase is covered by 2 years warranty as standard. You just ship it back to us, and we either repair it or replace it locally in the Czech Republic, in a matter of days.

We are constantly trying to improve our services and offer new products as they emerge on the market. But we prefer quality over quantity. We use our products daily and know them from inside out. That way, you can be assured we offer only the best products available while choosing not to sell products we don't believe in. 

So hop on the world of electric mobility with us and let's enjoy the ride!


                                                                                                Štěpán Štorek 
                                                                                                Co-founder of Speedio.eu