While the WowGo Knight falls under the category of affordable electric longboards, it offers an impressive array of features for an eboard in this price range. The Knight comes in 3 options, with either a HUB motor, belt motor, or both 2-in-1, at differing price points. The level of configurability and quality that comes with the WowGo Knight exceeds what most competitor budget eboards can bring to the table.


✓ Switchable drive trains The WowGo Knight electric skateboard can easily switch between the HUB and belt drive trains. Both systems are similar in power, with the HUB motors having a combined power output of 1100 W and the belt motors having a combined output of 1200 W. Each motor system has its pros and cons, each having a wide following. HUB motors are easier to maintain,quieter, and more efficient. Belt drive trains provide better torque,offer exchangeable wheels and provide a more comfortable ride. The Knight is also compatible with a number of other electric board motors on the market. This option to easily switch drivetrains is an exceptional feature that is not available in most high-end competitor models. 

✓ Brand new customized ESC The newly customized V3.0 Hobbywing ESC (electronic speed controller) has a broad range of features that greatly add to the quality of this electric skateboard. The updated speed and brake controls are very smooth and accurate, and it also includes the convenient standby mode that allows turning the board on and off by remote, an added feature from the higher-end WowGo AT2. Unlike other Hobbywing models, turning off the remote no longer activates the brakes but rather lets the wheels roll freely, which is a very welcome change.

✓ In-house designed trucks The new custom-made WowGo 3.0 trucks are similar in many aspects to the Paris V2 trucks seen in other WowGo models, but with slight differences. The 3.0 trucks have a 45 degree base plate instead of 50 degrees, allowing for more stability at higher speeds. WowGo also added a nice design feature to the trucks to include risers that stick out to act as bash guards, protecting the front and back ends of the deck in case of collision.

✓ Powerful and improved battery The Knight comes with a 5 Ah, 180Wh Samsung battery in a 10S2P configuration. The 25R cells provide combined max current output of 40A and offer a range of up to 20 km and 17 km with the HUB and belt variant respectively. Although the Knight as a whole is IP53 rated, the battery is protected with an IP68 certified battery case fortified with extra foam padding, a noticeable upgrade from previous WowGo electric board models.

✓ Enhanced deck and portability The deck of the WowGo Knight is made with 8 layers of Canadian maple wood, striking a fine balance between flexible and stiff. The deck design has a unique feature with a hollow area carved out to act as a handle, greatly improving portability. While it’s certainly more fun to ride an eboard rather than carry one, the added handle on the deck makes carrying this 7.5 kg electric board a lot less of a hassle.

✓ Smart and intuitive remote The all-in-one remote commonly used by Hobbywing fits comfortably in the hand and allows for easy braking and accelerating through the control wheel. As mentioned before, the Knight will automatically power up when you turn on the remote. A single all-in-one button is used for turning the eboard on and off, switching between speed modes, and changing directions. The LCD display screen on the remote shows a wide range of indicators such as current speed, direction, battery capacity, a trip odometer and distance traveled.

✓ Customizable wheels The belt drive motor option uses soft 78A 90 x 62 mm wheels on both the front and back of the board. Made with ABEC clone cores, this means any wheels with this core can be adapted onto the WowGo Knight. For the HUB version, the rear wheels are equipped with 90 mm PU sleeves that go over the HUB motor. The PU sleeves are easily replaceable in case of damage and save you from having to buy a whole new HUB motor.


In conclusion, the WowGo Knight electric board shares plenty of features with high-end models while still very competitively priced. This eboard can be an excellent choice for someone looking to dive into the world of electric longboards at an affordable price and still have the option to try different drivetrains later. If you’re in the market for an authentic e-skating experience without breaking the bank, the WowGo Knight surpasses expectations and may be exactly what you’re looking for.


Package contents

Completely Assembled WowGo Knight Board, new Smart LCD wireless remote and charging cable, 2 extra replaceable Gates or Continental 5M belts, 2 extra replaceable pulleys, pair of extra Foam for you to do deck swap, certified adapter and charger, T wrench and other tools for daily maintenance, hook to hang your board, rear LED light, user manual.


Technical specifications

Maximum speed: 39 km/h

Maximum range: 17km / 20 km

Motor power: 1 120 W / 1 200 W

Battery type: Li-Ion, SAMSUNG

Battery capacity: 5 Ah / 180 Wh

Charge time: 2-3 hours

Weight: 7,5 kg

Maximum load: 120 kg

Length: 96.5 cm 

Wheels size: 90 mm

Replaceable wheels: yes

Recuperation when braking: yes

Range 17 km / 20 km
Motor 2x 560W / 2x 600 W
Maximum climb angle 30%
Max speed 39 km/h
Charge time 2-3 h
Max load 120 kg
Dimensions 96.5 x 23 x 15 cm
Weight 7,5 kg

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WowGo Knight Electric Longboard

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