Presented as a budget-friendly electric skateboard, the WowGo 2S Pro has many premium features that make it a great choice for beginner to intermediate-level riders. Built with components that can be found in higher-end WowGo models, the 2S Pro lives up to expectations with its performance, specs, and design.


✓ Upgraded HUB motors Fitted on both ends of this electric longboard are powerful 500W HUB motors that have a combined power output of 1000W. It can comfortably reach a top speed of 40 km/h with smooth yet strong acceleration. Thanks to WowGo’s upgraded motor design, this electric skateboard is surprisingly quiet despite having dual HUB motors, making it suitable to cruise in the park and commute to work without making much noise.

✓ Powerful 12S battery The WowGo 2S Pro comes with a newly upgraded 225Wh battery with 18650 cells and 40A max output. Compared to its predecessor, the upgraded battery has a 12S2P configuration rather than 10S2P, allowing it to have better acceleration, range, and more torque with less output current. Depending on the weight, weather, and road conditions, the range of the 2S Pro varies between 22.5 km to 28 km, slightly over performing similar competitor electric longboards at this price point.

✓ New Hobbywing ESC The V3.0 Hobbywing ESC does a great job of keeping you in control and feeling confident while riding. Simply turning on the remote will automatically turn on the eboard, making it ready to kick off without the need to bend down and search for the power button. Through the remote, 4 speed modes are available to choose from (1, 2, 3, and Turbo mode) with smooth acceleration free of any stutter. Combined with equally smooth and responsive braking, the Hobbywing ESC performs excellently and makes riding this electric board an absolute breeze.

✓ Exclusive front truck Installed is a newly customized 50°, 8-inch front truck with 85A bushings, allowing for plenty of fun and easy carving. The new front truck offers better control over the eboard while riding at high speeds and complements the deck to let the rider feel what’s going on underneath them at all times.

✓ Easily swappable PU sleeves Fitted over the HUB motorsare PU sleeves that are easier to swap thanks to the newly optimized HUB motor design and provide good traction while carving or speeding around corners. The front wheels are 90 x 55 mm, 78A PU wheels that offer improved shock absorption stability.

✓ Hybrid flexible deck Made with Canadian Maple, bamboo, and fiberglass, the deck is firm and flexible at the same time. The board is designed with a slight concave and is layered with grip tape to make it comfortable to stand on. With a surface area of 96.5 x 28.5 cm, the electric board features custom artwork underneath the deck and a simple, stylish design above.


Building and improving upon previous models, the WowGo 2S Pro is an excellent choice for both new or hobbyist riders looking for an authentic eboard experience without breaking the bank. Whether it’s for cruising casually in the city or commuting to work, this electric skateboard is a safe and reliable option with exceptional performance.


What's included:

WowGo 2S Pro electric longboard, remote controller, charger, tools, cables, skate tool.


Technical specifications:

Motor power: 1000W

Max incline: 30% 

Max speed: 40 km/h

Max range: 26km

Battery type; Li-Ion 

Battery capacity: 225 Wh 

Charging time: 3h

Weight: 8 kg

Energy recuperation when braking

Range 26 km
Motor 2x500 = 1000 W
Max speed 40 km/h
Charge time 3h
Max load 150 kg
Weight 8 kg

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WowGo 2S Pro Electric Longboard

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