Electric longboards and skateboards made by Ownboard are slowly becoming one of the most popular choices in the electric transportation community.  Thanks to its belt drive, the W2 model is stepping outside the typical budget boards category dominated by brands such as WowGo and Meepo and offers serious competition for brand such as Boosted or Evolve, while keeping an affordable price.

Ownboard W2 uses the previous W1S model as a stepping stone to bring multiple radical changes and improvements.
The most significant change is the transition to a belt drive system instead of HUB motors. Belt driven longboards have some serious advantages over its competitors, such as a higher rider comfort, higher torque, faster acceleration, and the option to exchange the wheel types freely.

But what really puts aside Ownboard W2 compared to all the other attempts of building a budget belt driven board is the use of a customized Hobbywing ESC. This version keeps the legendary smoothness of control, made famous by WowGo ( and others), but on top of that, it is able to draw up to 40A of current. Yet, it still keeps the fan-favorite precise Hobbywing remote. And an LCD screen on the side of the ESC housing allows you to quickly check the exact battery capacity displayed in percentages.

Electric skateboards have gone a long way in the past few years and they are becoming a part of everyday life for many people. In comparison to other electric transportation vehicles, such as electric scooters, mini segway, segways or even electric cars, electric skateboards are characterized by their lightness and portability.

The Ownboard W2 electric longboard is in many ways even better than the legendary Boosted Stealth. It's most visible when comparing the battery capacity and the resulting specifications. The battery supplied with the W2 model is made of the Samsung 30Q cells, in 3P10S configuration. It means it has a capacity of 9 Ah and a current discharge rate of 45A.
This massive battery allows this board to have a range of 25 km and to reach a top speed of admirable 42 km/h. 

This would also not be possible without the motors, with a combined power of 1300W. If you are looking for an electric longboard made for uphill races, look no more!
The use of the belt drive means the motors are mounted under the deck and the wheels are powered by 2 belts (36T 3M), with an automatic belt tension adjustment function for the perfect ride.
Thanks to this system, you are able to retrofit any wheels you want and the ride is way more comfortable because there are no HUB motors that would transfer the vibrations and bumps from the road. 

On top of this, Ownboard W2 is supplied with two sets of wheels, both 83*52 and 90*62 mm so it's up to you what wheels you choose before each ride.

The wheel change is dependant on the so-called "pulleys" because different manufacturers support different standards. That's why Ownboard W2 is compatible with both Flywheel and Kegel type wheels, and the kegel pulleys are supplied with your purchase, making Ownboard W2 compatible with wheels from many manufacturers such as Caguamas, Boosted Board, Backfire, ABEC 11 and many more .

Let's also not forget about the improvement of the deck used on this board. It's made using a combination of bamboo and fiberglass, resulting in extreme flex and strength.
The deck also has a slight concave to offer better stability to the rider.

Considering the range of 25km, the top speed of 42 km/h, 30% climbing ability, and the use of the modified Hobbywing ESC, Ownboard W2 is rightfully turning heads.
It's called  "the Boosted killer " by many, and we understand why.
If you are looking for an alternative to longboard brands such as Boosted or Evolve because you see no reason to pay the very high prices, choose Ownboard W2 instead!

What's included:

Ownboard W2 electric longboard, remote controller, 2x kegel pulleys, dash-proof rubbers, extra belt, rear LED light, charger, USB cable for charging of the remote, small accessories and a manual.

Technical specifications:
Motor power 2x650 = 1300 W

Max speed:  42 km/h

Max range: 25 km

Battery type, brand: Li-Ion, SAMSUNG 

Battery capacity:  9000 mAh

Charging time: 3 hours

Weight: 8.2 kg

Max load:  120kg

Wheel size:  83mm

Replaceable wheels

Energy recuperation when braking

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Ownboard W2 Electric Longboard

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