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Meet the king of street electric scooters – Mercane WideWheel PRO. This new 2020 keylock model (sometimes called CLE from french clé for key) has multiple significant improvements and is now considered to be one of the best products in the premium electric scooters segment by industry experts. It keeps it's beloved elements such as ultrawide wheels and powerful motors while adding multiple new features. You can now choose from 3 options, depending on your preferences for power and range. If you are looking for the best we offer, you are in the right place here.


✓ Breathtaking power The strength of the 800 W motors will stun you. You can choose between a version with single or dual motors, corresponding to either 800 W or 1600 W total peak power. The torque and acceleration achieved thanks to these motors are incomparable to other 'regular' electric scooters. You can also choose between different riding modes, whether you want to use the energy in the battery as effectively as possible and achieve the maximum range or whether you just want to let go with the top speed of 45 km/h. By the way, don't worry about hills. This scooter can effortlessly ride them up, all the way up to over a 30° angle.

✓ Range without compromises In the highest configuration, this model offers a 15 Ah battery which provides you with a range of up to 50 km. That's no joke. It means you can ride your scooters for a few days without charging if your commute is relatively shorter. And on the weekends you can go explore further, without worrying about the range. And if that's not enough for you and your scooter does run out of juice, just make a stop in some nice place, and in 4-6 hours of charging you are back to full capacity. Also, if you don't plan to go on long trips, you can choose the more affordable 10 Ah option which may be more suitable for your needs.

✓ Ride comfort The ultra-wide airless wheels are what makes WideWheel scooter the WideWheel. They allow for increased stability and short braking distance while offering comfortable shock absorption thanks to a proprietary technology developed by Mercane. One of the biggest advantages of this design is you can't have a defect due to a nail or piece of glass. And to top it all of, the high-quality shock absorbers present on both the front and rear wheel will effortlessly carry you over any harsh roads while you comfortably stand on the wide deck.

✓ Safety The safety of the rider is taken care of by huge 120 mm disc brakes on both front and rear wheels, which in combination with the wide wheels allow for extremely short braking distance even with riders near the maximum recommended load of 120 kg. The scooter also has a front and rear (also acting as a brake light) built-in LED lights.

✓ Quality and unique design The unique frame of the scooter made with aviation-grade aluminum alloys is improved upon previous models and provides this cooter with perfect ride stability and long service life. Due to the extremely durable build, this scooter is not one of the lightest on the market, but it's still possible to carry it up the steps or take it with you on public transport quite easily. It's also worth noting that the unique design was developed for an optimal riding position.

✓ Smart LCD display The new digital LCD display now shows speed, range, battery voltage, and several other details. It allows you to set a cruise control for your preferred speed and to switch between the ECO and PRO ride modes. ECO mode is focused on the energy efficiency and therefore range and is also better suited for beginners. The PRO mode, on the other hand, is designed to supply you with the RAW power of the scooter in order to achieve the highest possible torque, acceleration, and speed.

✓ Foldable design The WideWheel PRO electric scooter has a robust cleverly designed frame, which makes it easy to fold down the scooter and store it or take it with you in the boot of your car. It allows you to fold down the handlebars vertically as well as horizontally, resulting in a surprisingly small package. 


Specifications                ( single / dual )

Nominal motor power: 500 W / 1000 W

Maximal motor power: 800 W / 1600 W

Battery type: Li-ion

Battery voltage: 48 V

Battery capacity: 10 Ah / 15 Ah

Charging time: 4-6 hodin

Range: 50 km with 15 Ah battery, 30 km with 10 Ah battery

Max speed: 45 km/h (with full specs), limited to 25 km/h from the factory

Hill climb: up to 30%

Unit weight: 22 kg

Max load: 120 kg

Breaks: front and rear, 120mm break discs

Suspension: front and rear, spring arm

Lights: front headlight, rear break light

Wheels: 10 x 20cm, airless

Dimesnions: 110 x 55 x 110 cm

Dimesnions (folded): 110 x 22 x 40 cm

Keylock ignition: yes

Range 50 km
Motor 500 W / 1000 W nominal 800 W / 1600 W peak
Maximum climb angle 30%
Max speed 45 km/h
Charge time 4-6 hours
Max load 120 kg
Dimensions 110 x 55 x 110 cm unfolded 110 x 22 x 40 cm folded
Weight 22 kg

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Mercane WideWheel PRO 2020 Keylock edition CLE

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