Electric scooter Xiaomi M365 (also called Xiaomi Mi 2 Scooter) is the perfect companion for commuting to work or school and to take on trips and holidays. It has excellent ride characteristics, equal to the best scooters available on the market while keeping the price affordable.

  Thanks to its low weight or roughly 12.5 kg and the simple folding mechanism it's easy to take it out of the trunk of your car or take it on a bus or train. The 250 W motor provides enough power for riders weighing up to 100 kg, keeping the acceleration nimble and climbing medium steep hills. On a flat surface, you can travel at a speed of up to 25 km/h.

The Xiaomi Mi 2 uses a cutting edge Li-Ion battery, without memory effect. Thanks to that, the scooter has a maximum range of 30 km, while charging to the full capacity in under 4 hours. There is electronic protection against undercharging and overcharging, and the battery is easy to charge thanks to a compact portable charger. You can check the status of the battery as well as other properties on a multifunctional LED display positioned on the handlebars.

Because of the high efficiency of the HUB motor (electric motor that is incorporated into the hub of a wheel and drives it directly) you can ride longer while using less energy. There is also no need for uncomfortable maintenance and adjustments of any chain.

The throttle only activates once you kick-push the scooter - you don't need to be afraid of accidentally pushing the throttle and causing mayhem in your surrounding area. Thanks to it's front and back LED lights you can also safely ride when there's a little to no light. The taillight also serves as a brake light.

Thanks to its wide base you can ride comfortably with your feet next or behind each other. The comfortability of electric scooters when commuting over long distances is one of the main advantages over hoverboards.  Another big advantage over hoverboards and electric longboards lays in the height adjustable handlebars, resulting in no back pain.

Light but strong frame made of aero grade aluminium gives you the best ratio of weight/strength possible. The front inflatable wheel with a diameter of 21.6 cm is perfect for the dumping of vibrations and for going over rough terrain. And if that is not smooth enough for you, the front shock absorber seals the deal.



Main characteristics:

  • a new generation of 250W motor 
  • max speed of 25 km/h
  • a multifunctional backlit  LCD display
  • a simple & fast folding mechanism
  • light & portable - 12,5 kg inc. battery
  • inflatable wheels


  • equipped with  front and rear light, safe even after nightfall 

Technical specification:

  • meant for: sport - city - recreation - leisure time - trips - holidays - commuting
  • motor power: 250 W
  • max. speed: 25 km/h
  • max. range: 30 km
  • max load:  100 kg
  • wheel size: 8,5'' - 21,6 cm
  • speedometer
  • max. incline: 15°
  • battery capacity: 7,8 Ah
  • battery voltage: 36 V
  • battery technology: Li-Ion
  • charging time: 3-4 h
  • charger included
  • frame material: ABS+PC
  • size of the scooter: 108 x 43 x 114 cm
  • size of the scooter when folded: 108 x 43 x 49 cm
  • brake: rear disc
  • folding mechanism
  • front + rear LED light
  • brake light
  • weight: 12,5 kg
Dojezd 30 km
Motor 250 W
Maximální úhel stoupání 15°
Max rychlost 25 km/h
Doba nabíjení 3-4 h
Max váha jezdce 100 kg
Rozměry rozměry rozložené koloběžky: 108 x 43 x 114 cm rozměry složené koloběžky: 108 x 43 x 49 cm
Váha 12.5 kg

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Xiaomi M365 / Mi 2 Electric Scooter

  • Brand: Speedio
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