The Meepo brand is very well known amongst the electric longboards enthusiasts. It's one of the founding brands of the "Budget e-boards" category, which is known for excellent ride characteristics and affordable price. Meepo Campus 2 is the perfect solution for an inexperienced rider or for anyone who needs an extremely portable and lightweight board.

Meepo Campus 2 is a unique occurrence in the world of electric longboards. Its main focus is not on the top speed or max power, but rather on the practicality of last-mile transport.
With its extreme lightness (5.5 kg) and tiny dimensions, this board is made for the public transit system. Its also the ideal solution for short-distance travel, where normal electric longboards are unnecessarily big and heavy. Yet, it keeps its smart functions such as "Smart turn-on" and "Autostop”.
Electric longboards have gone a long way in the past few years and they are becoming a part of everyday life for many people. In comparison to other electric transportation vehicles, such as electric scooters, mini segway, segways or even electric cars, electric longboards are characterized by their lightness and portability.

The electronic speed controller (ESC)  used in the MEEPO electric longboards and skateboards is filled with smart features that are missing in longboards from other manufacturers. Characterized by its advanced features such as  "autostop", meaning the longboard will automatically lower its speed if the battery capacity in the remote is critically low or "smart turn-on" feature where you just push the board and it automatically turns on, it's loved by many. You also have an option to choose from 4 riding modes, ranging from beginner to professional. 

Even though electric longboards made by Meepo are generally meant for more aggressive riders, this model is different. Meepo Campus 2 is the ideal electric skateboard if you want to try out what electric longboards are all about. It's also perfect for short- distance commute from bus or train station, etc. 

 While the penny board is equipped with only one HUB motor, it  can still pull off an impressive top speed of 30 km/h and a max range of 11 km.

Another difference from typical longboards is the grip tape. Instead of the usual rough, scratchy finish,  Meepo Campus 2 uses EVA foam grip tape on top of the canadian maple deck, which is way more comfortable to hold/carry and you don't have to worry about scratching your car seats, etc.

The low price and impressive specifications make this electric penny board the best there is in its category.  If for any reason you don't want a full-fledged electric longboard ( be it the dimensions, price, or anything else) Meepo Campus 2 is the perfect choice for you! 


What's included:

 Meepo Campus 2 electric longboard, remote controller,  skate tools, 

Technical specifications:

Motor power: 1x350 

Max speed: 30 km/h  

Max range: 11 km  

Battery type, brand: Li-Ion, Samsung 

Battery capacity: 2500 mAh  

Charging time: 2  hours  

Weight: 5.5 kg  

Max load: 80 kg  

Wheel size: 83mm  

Energy recuperation when braking

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Meepo Campus 2 electric penny board

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