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Electric longboards and skateboards made by WowGo are generally considered the best there is, in their price range.


WowGo Mini electric skateboard is a popular variation of the WowGo 2S electric longboard, with the main differences being its low weight and easy transportability.Due to its new electric motors embedded in the wheels itself (so-called HUB motors), there is no longer any need to push, yet you will travel with amazing speed and ease.   The HobbyWing remote controller used for regulating the speed, acceleration, and braking is considered the best on the market, even surpassing the legendary Boosted Boards controller. It's a popular choice amongst the budget boards category, being also used with WowGo 2S, Ownboard W1S, Ownboard Mini, Meepo Classic and others.  

And that's not all, the price/performance ratio of this board is unbelievable,  with performance comparable to brands such as Boosted Boards ( and their Boosted Mini) or Lou Board, etc. while costing just half as much.


WowGo Mini is also specific because of its deck. The rear end of the deck is bent upwards (resulting in so-called kicktail),  allowing you to grab the front end of the board just by stepping on it, removing the requirement of bending over if you want to pick the board up.


Electric skateboards have gone a long way in the past few years and they are becoming a part of everyday life for many people. In comparison to other electric transportation vehicles, such as electric scooters, mini segway, segways or even electric cars, electric skateboards are characterized by their lightness and portability. These characteristics are even more pronounced with the WowGo Mini weighing only 7 kg and the deck being only 71 cm long.

You may also appreciate the fact that the board is able to recuperate energy when braking, resulting in a bigger range.


The max speed of 38 km/h new generation of ESC  and  Zealous bearing make the ride a manifestation of pure joy.

In addition, this electric skateboard is offered in multiple battery options, resulting in a different maximum range. If you are planning on using this board just for shorter commutes and you can charge it often, the Samsung 4 Ah battery with a range of  16 to 19 km is ideal for you. If you are willing to pay a bit more, but in exchange receive a significant upgrade the 6.4 Ah LG battery, with a range of 20 to 23 km is definitely worth it!


But if you want the best there is, with no compromises, choose a SANYO 8.5 Ah battery, resulting in a whopping range of 30 to 35 km!



What's included:



WowGo Mini electric skateboard, remote controller, rear LED light, charger, wall mount, small accessories and a manual.



Technical specifications:


Motor power 2x250 = 500 W

Max speed: 38 km/h

Max range: 19/23/35 km

Battery type, brand: Li-Ion, SAMSUNG / LG / SANYO

Battery capacity: 4000 / 6400 / 8500 mAh

Charging time: 3 hours

Weight: 7 kg

Max load:  150kg

Wheel size:  90mm

Replaceable wheels

Energy recuperation when braking

Range 35 km
Motor 2x250 = 500 W
Maximum climb angle 30%
Max speed 38 km/h
Charge time 3h
Max load 150 kg
Weight 7 kg

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WowGo Mini electric skateboard

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