The WowGo Pioneer X4 is a belt drive electric longboard that is an upgrade to the WowGo 3X electric skateboard. With huge improvements in several areas, the e-skate comes in two variants that have different wheel options. It is similar to the HUB-driven WowGo Pioneer 4 in many aspects, with the main difference being the type of motor used.


✓ Dual 700W Belt Motors The WowGo Pioneer X4 uses two Hobbywing 700 W belt motors, which are more powerful than the Pioneer 4’s 680 W HUB motors. They allow for a top speed of 45 km/h (90 mm wheels) in ideal conditions, and provide enough torque to climb hills with 25-30 % slopes easily. Thanks to its belt motors, the WowGo Pioneer X4 has faster acceleration and braking than the WowGo Pioneer 4.

✓ Large 345 Wh Battery Powering this electric skateboard is a 12S2P 345 Wh 8.0 Ah battery made of Samsung 40T cells that provides the e-skate a range of 33 km (90 mm wheels) in ideal conditions. The lightweight 42 V 2 A charger that comes with the WowGo Pioneer X4 allows you to charge the electric skateboard’s battery in 3.5 to 4 hours.

✓ 90 mm & 105 mm Wheel Options The WowGo Pioneer X4 comes with 90 mm wheels, which are great for cruising on smooth roads. If you want to ride on rougher surfaces, you can get the 2-in-1 option that includes both 90 mm and 105 mm wheels, allowing you to swap your e-skate’s wheels to meet the requirements of your ride. The 105 mm Cloudwheels have better shock absorption and hence are better suited for riding on rough grounds. The Pioneer X4 uses WowGo 45° trucks and 95A bushings that add to the electric skateboard’s stability and comfort.

✓ Ergonomic 8-Layer Concave Deck Measuring 98 cm long, 28.5 cm wide, and 14.8 cm high, this electric longboard weighs 8.4 kg, and can support a weight of up to 150 kg. The deck is composed of 8 layers of Canadian maple, bamboo, and fibreglass. It is strong, flexible, shock absorbent, and comes with a concave design. There is also a foam grip tape at the top of the deck to absorb vibrations and provide additional comfort and grip to your feet, ensuring a truly enjoyable ride. Nose guards at both ends of the deck increase durability, preventing any damage to the nose and tail.

✓ Hobbywing V5.0 ESC The Hobbywing V5.0 ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) of the Pioneer X4 allows for smooth acceleration and braking, with a swift response time. It is easily replaceable and comes with improved heat dissipation that prevents overheating of the ESC. The WowGo remote contains an OLED screen that displays the speed, speed mode (there are 4 speed modes), and direction of the e-board, the distance travelled (both total and current), and the battery status of the remote and the e-skate. A thumbwheel on the remote allows you to control the acceleration and braking of the electric skateboard. All other operations are performed using a single multi-purpose button on the remote.

✓ LED Tail Light The WowGo Pioneer X4 comes with a red LED tail light that you can attach to the rear of the electric longboard. This is a welcome addition that provides increased safety for night-time riders. Like other WowGo boards, the Pioneer X4 too comes with stickers, if you’d like to decorate your e-board or remote.


The WowGo Pioneer X4 is an electric longboard that delivers high overall performance while also prioritising comfort. Its belt motors provide better acceleration and braking, while subtler features like the deck’s nose guards, its foam grip tape, and the attachable tail-light add great value to make the Pioneer X4 an outstanding belt-driven electric skateboard.


What's included:

WowGo Pioneer X4 electric longboard, wheels depending on configuration, remote controller, LED light, charger, tools, cables, skate tool.


Technical specifications:

Motor power: 1400W

Max incline: 30% 

Max speed: 45 km/h

Max range: 33km

Battery type; Li-Ion 

Battery capacity: 345 Wh 

Charging time: 4h

Weight: 8.4 kg

Energy recuperation when braking

Range 33 km
Motor 2x700 = 1400W
Max speed 45 km/h
Charge time 4h
Max load 150 kg
Weight 8.4 kg

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WowGo Pioneer X4 Electric Longboard

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