The latest addition to the WowGo AT (All Terrain) series after the widely popular off-road electric longboard WowGo AT2 is the WowGo AT2 Plus. This all-terrain electric skateboard brings excellent feature upgrades and superior comfort. It comes in two versions, one with pneumatic all-terrain wheels, and the other with additional 120mm cloud wheels. The WowGo AT2 Plus offers premium features at a budget price, making it one of the most affordable, yet best all-terrain electric skateboards on the market.


✓ 4200 W Combined Power  The dual 2100 W Hobbywing 5330 BLDC belt motors of the WowGo AT2 Plus give this all-terrain electric longboard a top speed of 50 km/h and the ability to effortlessly climb hills with a 30% slope. To increase durability, the motors are encased in an anti-collision bracket that protects them from damage.  

✓ Big 604 Wh Battery  Powering thi offroad electric skateboard is a 43.2 V 14 Ah 604 Wh battery pack made of Panasonic 18650 cells in 12S4P configuration. This battery provides the WowGo AT2 Plus with a range of 30 km (175 mm pneumatic wheels) or 45 km (120 mm cloud wheels) in ideal conditions. The battery can be charged fully in 4.5 hours using the 50.4 V 3 A charger that comes with this eboard.

✓ New 12S Hobbywing ESC The WowGo AT2 Plus uses a new 12S Hobbywing ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), which via the WowGo OLED remote, ensures a smooth, gradual, and responsive acceleration and braking. The remote comes with a USB cable, and has a switch that can be used to power on the e-board without needing to bend over, and a thumbwheel to control the acceleration and braking. An OLED screen on the remote displays the speed, speed mode (there are 4 speed modes), direction, current and total distance travelled, and the battery status of the e-board and remote. It takes just 30 minutes to charge the remote.

✓ Flexible and Comfortable Deck The WowGo AT2 Plus e-board has a sleek and highly flexible deck composed of Canadian maple, bamboo, and fibreglass to ensure premium comfort in off-road environments. The foam grip tape on the top of the deck provides additional comfort and makes the WowGo AT2 Plus even more shock-absorbent. Weighing 13.6 kg, this electric skateboard can support a maximum weight of 150 kg. However, for the best performance, the recommended maximum weight is 120 kg.

✓ Big Wheels and Customisable Build  Being an all-terrain electric skateboard, the WowGo AT2 Plus comes with big wheels that allow for a high ground clearance. The 175 mm pneumatic all-terrain wheels provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience in rough, off-road conditions. There is also an option to buy a version that comes wiht smaller 120 mm cloud wheels along with the 175 mm pneumatic wheels, and is perfect if you want a 2-in-1 electric skateboard. The cloud wheels provide better range, and are hence ideal choice for less bumpy terrains.

✓ Double Kingpin Trucks The WowGo AT2 Plus off-road electric skateboard uses wide 12-inch double kingpin trucks for increased stability. These trucks also make the e-skate easily manoeuvrable and conducive to carving. The double-column high-elasticity bushings of the AT2 Plus add to the flexibility and comfort of the e-board.

✓ Other Features  An attachable handle that comes with the electric skateboard allows you to easily lift the skateboard up from the ground or pull it along with you. Also included with the e-skate are tail lights that increase safety while riding at night.


The WowGo AT2 Plus brings nice improvements to the AT2, the most-notable being more power and range. With impressive features, the WowGo AT2 Plus all-terrain electric longboard guarantees a comfortable ride not just on roads, but also on surfaces like grass, dirt, and some of the most rugged off-road environments. It is also inexpensive when compared to other off-road electric skateboards with similar specs, making it the best budget all-terrain electric skateboard.



Package contents

Completely Assembled WowGo AT2 Plus electric skateboard, new Smart LCD wireless remote and charging cable, handle , certified adapter and charger, T wrench and other tools for daily maintenance, rear LED light, user manual.


Technical specifications

Maximum speed: 50 km/h

Maximum range: 45 km

Battery type: Li-Ion

Battery capacity: 14 Ah

Battery capacity: 604 Wh

Charge time: 4,5 hours

Weight: 13,6 kg

Maximum load: 150 kg

Wheels size: 120 / 175 mm

Replaceable wheels: yes

Recuperation when braking: yes



Range 45 km
Motor 2x 2100 W
Maximum climb angle 30%
Max speed 50 km/h
Charge time 4,5 h
Max load 150 kg
Weight 13,6 kg

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WowGo AT2 Plus off-road electric longboard

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