The WowGo AT 2 is a welcome upgrade to the WowGo AT with better features, flexibility, and overall quality on all levels. This e-board is available in 3 versions, offering the option to come with pneumatic all-terrain wheels, street wheels, or both. The use of the newly upgraded Hobbywing ESC allows for better responsiveness and an option to turn the board on and off by remote, a feature that greatly adds to the overall user experience. The WowGo AT2 has a lot to offer at this price point, and that is why it's the current fan favourite.


✓ Flexible high-strength deck The WowGo AT2 electric longboard has a large comfortable deck with a sleek hexagonal grip tape design. The deck itself is made with a combination of fiberglass, bamboo, and Canadian maple to provide a highly durable and flexible deck. Its area is 98 x 23 cm, similar in size to other all-terrain  eboards. The flexibility of the board combined with the 5 mm hexagon foam grip tape and the big wheels allows for a comfortable ride over extended periods of time. 

✓ Upgraded Hobbywing ESC The Hobbywing customized electronic speed controller (ESC) is optimized for smooth acceleration and braking. One of its most notable features is the standby mode. Standby allows you to turn your e-board on or off with the remote without having to bend down looking for the power button repeatedly throughout the day. The standby mode is similar to putting a laptop in sleep mode, keeping the board in low power standby and ready to serve.

✓ Double kingpin trucks Similar to other all-terrain boards, the WowGo AT2 uses double kingpin trucks designed to perform tight carves easily. The use of double kingpin trucks allows a large off-road electric longboard like the WowGo AT2 to do very tight turns, while still remaining stable at high speeds.

✓ Powerful dual belt drive motors The dual 6368 motors on the WowGo AT2 eboard are relatively large, each providing 1500 W of power. Despite their size and being belt-drive motors, WowGo designed these with great dynamic balance, meaning they perform with very little noise.

✓ Impressive battery pack The WowGo AT2 electric longboard has battery cells in a 10S4P configuration, resulting in 11.6 AH capacity that offers a range of up to 27 km. Much like keeping your computer cool for optimal performance, it’s important for electric boards to have efficient heat dissipation. The WowGo AT2 electric skateboard has an aluminium heat sink attached to the ESC to reduce the possibility of overheating. The proprietary battery casing is also designed to be flexible and bends easily in tandem with the deck.
If you want some extra range, WowGo At 2 in 2in1 configuration can be also upgraded to 14 Ah battery, which provides up to 32 km range.

✓ Smart OLED remote The remote is similar to previous models by Hobbywing. While it is minimalist in design and intuitive to use, it comes with a host of configurable settings and information. The remote’s display screen can show several indicators such as speed, speed modes, battery charge status, and even an odometer for the current trip, to name a few. The control wheel on the remote is shared between the brake and throttle. A single multipurpose button is used for adjusting speed modes, switching between forward and reverse, and turning the eboard on and off. It is one of the most ergonomic and easy-to-use remotes available on the market.

✓ Customizable build  The WowGo AT2 electric longboard is available in 3 versions. It can come with 175 mm pneumatic all-terrain wheels, 120 mm street Cloudwheels, or 2-in-1 with both the pneumatic and street wheel combination. The wheels are equipped with high precision CNC hubs making them very durable and come with continental 5M belts, which are more reliable than 3M ones and they also help avoid skidding.


Overall, the WowGo AT2 is a very well-designed and durable off-road electric skateboard offering plenty of impressive features at this price point. With the added standby mode, pneumatic wheels, the flexible deck with hexagon foam grip tape, there’s plenty to enjoy for anyone looking for a quality ride in the city or a comfortable off-road adventure.



Package contents

Completely Assembled WowGo AT2 electric skateboard, new Smart LCD wireless remote and charging cable, 2 extra replaceable Gates or Continental 5M belts,  , certified adapter and charger, T wrench and other tools for daily maintenance, rear LED light, user manual.


Technical specifications

Maximum speed: 40 km/h

Maximum range: 27 km / 32 km

Battery type: Li-Ion

Battery capacity: 11.6 Ah / 14 Ah

Battery capacity: 418 Wh / 504 Wh

Charge time: 4 – 5 hours

Weight: 13,6 kg

Maximum load: 120 kg

Length: 98 cm 

Wheels size: 120 / 175 mm

Replaceable wheels: yes

Recuperation when braking: yes



Range 30 km
Motor 2x 1500W
Maximum climb angle 30%
Max speed 40 km/h
Charge time 3-5 h
Max load 120 kg
Dimensions 98 x 23
Weight 13,6 kg

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WowGo AT2 offroad electric longboard

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