The WowGo 2S Max electric longboard is the successor to the WowGo 2S Pro electric skateboard. With several improvements such as increased speed and stability and a 105 mm wheel option for smooth rides in rougher terrains, the WowGo 2S Max is a great entry-level e-skateboard that is budget-friendly.


✓ Powerful 550W Motors The power of each of the 2 HUB motors has been increased from 500W of the 2S Pro to 550W, resulting in a total increase of 100W. This allows for greater torque and a maximum speed of 45 km/h, compared to the WowGo 2S Pro’s 40 km/h. These 550W motors also provide enough power for a maximum hill climbing rate of 25-30% (depending on the type of wheels installed).

✓ Big 12S Battery Powering the WowGo 2S Max is a 12S2P, 5Ah, 43.2V battery, with 216 Wh of capacity. This is a noteworthy detail since budget boards usually have less powerful 10S batteries. This electric longboard comes with a 50.4V 2A charger, and charging the battery takes 2.5 - 3 hours. Depending on the wheel option, a fully charged battery allows for a maximum distance of either 23 km (90 mm wheels) or 16 km (105 mm wheels), but keep in mind the final range also depends on the current ride conditions.

✓ Improved ESC & Smart Turn-On An improvement to the Hobbywing 4.0 ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) has resulted in the reduction of the skateboard’s response time by 0.05 seconds when accelerating or braking, compared to the 2S Pro. The WowGo 2S Max also has a smart power-on feature that allows the electric board to be turned on/off using a remote, without needing to push the power button on the board itself. Acceleration and braking are extremely smooth and are controlled using a thumb wheel on the remote. The remote provides 4 speed modes–slow, normal, fast, and turbo–and features an OLED telemetry display that lets you know the battery level, speed, speed mode, and distance travelled.

✓ 90mm & 105mm Wheel Options The WowGo 2S Max comes with two different wheel options. The 90 mm 78A polyurethane wheels have a maximum range of 23 km, and the 105 mm 78A honeycomb wheels have a maximum range of 16 km. While the 90mm polyurethane wheels are best suited for cruising on smooth roads and for longer trips, the 105mm honeycomb wheels ensure a comfortable and fast ride on rougher terrain. You can purchase either the base 90mm wheel option, or the 2 in 1 option, which includes both the 90mm and the 105mm wheels.

✓ Solid 8-Layer Deck The WowGo 2S Max board uses a durable 8-layer deck made of maple wood, bamboo, and glass fibre. With a subtle U-shaped concave, the deck provides stability and control for all shoe sizes. The board is 96.5 cm long, 22.4 cm wide, and weighs 8.2 kg. While stiffer than the 2S Pro, the deck has just the right amount of flexibility to be comfortable.

✓ Foam Grip Tape The thick yet soft grip tape is made of foam and allows for increased shock absorption while ensuring a comfortable ride. It has a sleek design with a matte texture, adding to the aesthetics of the skateboard. The increased thickness also means better durability and vibration absorption.

✓ Stable Poseidon Trucks The wheels are attached to 20.3 cm, 50-degree Poseidon trucks with a focus on stability and steadiness. The soft 85A bushing allows for flexible steering, making the 2S Max a great entry-level electric skateboard for beginners and those new to electric skateboarding.


With improved speed, stability, battery, controls, and a foam grip tape that adds to the sleek aesthetics of the board, the WowGo 2S Max is a nice upgrade to the 2S Pro. The features of the WowGo 2S Max ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride, making it the perfect budget-friendly electric skateboard for both beginners and experienced skaters.


What's included:

WowGo 2S Max electric longboard, wheels depending on configuration, remote controller, charger, tools, cables, skate tool.


Technical specifications:

Motor power: 1100W

Max incline: 30% 

Max speed: 45 km/h

Max range: 23km

Battery type; Li-Ion 

Battery capacity: 216 Wh 

Charging time: 3h

Weight: 8.2 kg

Energy recuperation when braking

Range 23 km
Motor 2x550 = 1100 W
Max speed 45 km/h
Charge time 3h
Max load 150 kg
Weight 8.2 kg

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WowGo 2S Max Electric Longboard

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