In this new line of electric scooters, the VSETT 9 and 9+ options build upon many high-end features of lower-end models while introducing new ones. With their exceptional power and range, VSETT presents an e-scooter that easily caters to the needs of both casual and serious riders.

✓ Awesome power The VSETT 9 series offers an impressive range of power with single and dual HUB motor options. On the 9 is a single rear 52V HUB motor with 1100 W of peak power perfect for casual daily commuting. Dual 48V HUB motors with a combined peak power of 2200 W are fitted on both the 9+ models, providing a powerful added kick in torque and acceleration. Riders looking for real speed will not be disappointed, as the 9 and 9+ models have respective max speeds of up to 45 km/h and 53 km/h. However, due to regulations the maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h, if you wish to remove this restriction please select the extra option "Max Speed Unlock" when ordering.

✓ Smooth ride Combining dual swing arm coil-spring suspension and dual pneumatic tires makes riding any VSETT 9 series e-scooter very smooth and comfortable. The pneumatic tires are 21.6 cm in diameter and 7.6 cm wide which on their own act as effective shock absorbers. Fitted with front and rear disc brakes, ABS electronic brake system and motor that automatically turns acceleration off when brakes are engaged, VSETT 9 and 9+ ensure safe and responsive braking even while riding at high speeds.

✓ Great range The range offered in this line of electric scooters surpasses many competitor e-scooters at this price point. The single-motor VSETT 9 comes with a 910 Wh, 17.5 Ah Samsung battery with a max range of 80 km. The dual-motor 9+ model can be purchased with either a standard 750 Wh, 15.6 Ah battery or a 1008 Wh, 21 Ah Samsung battery, with max ranges of 70 km and 100 km respectively. The range is certainly impressive but can vary significantly depending on several factors such as weight, riding style and weather conditions.

✓ Innovative design Unlike the other VSETT e-scooters, the 9 and 9+ series comes with curved handlebars, offering improved comfortability and ergonomic control. The stem has an efficient 3-lock mechanism to ensure zero wobble while riding and is also designed to have a slightly smaller turning radius. This is a great safety feature that prevents full 90 or 360-degree turns that are impractical and dangerous in electric scooters, and keeps the connected lower cables intact. The frame is made from aviation-grade aluminum and can support a max load of 120 kg. With an IP44 rating, it can handle wet conditions and water spray from all sides, (however, water damage may still not be covered under warranty).

✓ High-tech features Instead of traditional keys, VSETT uses wireless NFC cards to turn on their electric scooters.Also, after pairing, you can use your NFC enabled phone or watch for unlocking the scooter. Once on, an LED dashboard display shows the speed, time, battery capacity and includes an odometer. The voltmeter on the handle provides a more accurate reading than the LED display when it comes to battery power and also houses the NFC key reader. Included on the handlebar is a button to toggle turn signals that flash on the front and rear of the deck. The battery is housed in the deck, with 2 charging ports near the base of the stem. Charge times with one charger range from 9 to 14 hours from the smallest to largest battery options, but purchasing an additional 1.5A charger will get your e-scooter up and running in half that time.

✓ Portability The handlebars as well as the stem are foldable on the 9 and 9+ models, with secure locking mechanisms that click into place for each component. The single-motor electric scooter weighs 23 kg, while the dual-motor 9+ models are understandably heavier at 25 kg and 27 kg each. Although slightly on the heavy side, the weight is very manageable once the e-scooter is compactly folded (122 x 23 x 49 cm), allowing it to be comfortably held from the stem.

In conclusion, riders looking for the perfect commuter scooter to use on a daily basis will find the VSETT 9 and 9+ models to be very viable options. With an overall sleek and tight build combined with impressive range and power, these e-scooters offer an all-in-one package that lets you happily ride with high performance and style.


Specifications                ( 9 17.5 Ah / 9+ 17.5 Ah / 9+ 21 Ah)

Nominal motor power: 650 W / 1300 W / 1300 W

Peak motor power: 1100 W / 2200 W / 2200 W

Battery type: Li-ion

Battery voltage: 52 V / 48 V / 48 V

Battery capacity: 17.5 Ah / 17.5 Ah / 21 Ah

Battery capacity: 910 Wh / 750 Wh / 1008 Wh

Charging time: 11.5 hours / 9 hours / 14 hours

Range: 80 km / 70 km  / 100 km

Max speed: 45 km/h / 53 km/h / 53 km/h

Hill climb: 32.5% / 45% / 45%

Unit weight: 23 kg / 25 kg  / 27 kg

Max load: 120 kg

Breaks: front and rear disc brakes

Suspension: front and rear, coil spring + PU

Lights: front head light, 2x front LED light, 2x rear LED light, turn / brake indication

Wheels size: 21,6 cm

Wheels type: pneumatic

Dimensions: 122 x 64 x 121 cm

Dimensions (folded): 122 x 23 x 49 cm

Range 80 km / 70 km  / 100 km
Motor 650 W / 1300 W / 1300 W nominal 1100 W / 2200 W / 2200 W peak
Maximum climb angle 32.5% / 45% / 45%
Max speed 45 km/h / 53 km/h / 53 km/h
Charge time 11.5 hodin / 9 hodin / 14 hours
Max load 120 kg
Dimensions 122 x 64 x 121 cm unfolded 122 x 23 x 49 cm folded
Weight 23 kg / 25 kg  / 27 kg

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VSETT 9 / 9+ electric scooter

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