The VSETT 8 and 8+ are impressive electric scooters that let you enjoy plenty of high-end features at a competitive price point. Both models offer an excellent mix of range, speed, safety, and performance to provide an outstanding package worth the experience.

✓ Overwhelming power The impressive drive behind the VSETT 8 electric scooter comes from a single 1100 W peak power brushless HUB motor fitted on the rear wheel. If that’s not enough for you, the VSETT 8+ electric scooter doubles this power with the same motor on both wheels to produce a combined peak output of 2200 W. Dual motors provide excellent hill-climbing ability and quick acceleration, but come at an increase in price and weight. With these capabilities, the 8 and 8+ models are able to respectively climb 30% and 45% grade hills effortlessly with exceptional torque. The max speed of the VSETT 8 can reach up to 42 km/h, with the 8+ faring similarly at 45 km/h. However, due to regulations the maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h, if you wish to remove this restriction please select the extra option "Max Speed Unlock" when ordering.

✓ Smooth ride The suspension on VSETT electric scooters is on par with many pricier high-end scooters. Both the 8 and 8+ models come with swing arm suspension equipped on both wheels that is a hybrid of custom coil-rings fitted with advanced polyurethane (PU) bushings. Both tires on the VSETT 8 are 21.6 cm in diameter, with a front pneumatic tire and a rear solid tire resistant to flats. In contrast, the 8+ comes fitted exclusively with flat-resistant solid tires. The dual suspension together with the aforementioned tires provides these e-scooters with a smooth and grippy ride anyone will be happy with.

✓ Great range The range on this pair of e-scooters meets the needs of most. With a 15.6 Ah, 750 Wh battery on the VSETT 8, its range can reach up to 50 km riding in Eco mode. The 8+ comes upgraded with an LG 16 Ah, 770 Wh battery that can give up to 55 km of range in Eco mode. However, it is important to note that based on your riding style and conditions, the range may be reduced significantly. Although the VSETT 8 battery fully charges in 9 hours and the 8+ in 10.5 hours, thanks to the dual charging ports, this time can be halved if you purchase an additional charger. In case you are using a quick charger however, only one port should be used as instructed by the manufacturer

✓ Reliable brake system VSETT has cut no corners when it comes to the brakes on their electric scooters. Along with an electronic break with the ABS feature, drum brakes are hooked up to both the front and rear wheels. Another feature any rider will appreciate is the motor power cutoff when you engage brakes. These are excellent safety and convenience features to have on an electric scooter that ensure smooth and responsive braking while cruising around.

✓ Effective portability While the VSETT 8 and 8+ are not the lightest e-scooters around, their 3-step folding system makes them easily portable. Weighing at 20 kg and 25 kg respectively, a handle at the front of the deck can be pulled to unlock the stem and fold it down until it locks into place. The kick plate at the back of the deck can further act as a handle to make lifting easier. In addition to the retractable stem, the handlebars can also be folded to result in an overall compact scooter ready for transport.

✓ Innovative dashboard To turn the scooter on, simply put the NFC card (supplied instead of a traditional key) to the OLED display. You can also set up your NFC capable device (smartphone, smartwatch, etc.) to act as your NFC key. The OLED display has a number of indicators such as speed, battery capacity, the time, and an odometer. A voltmeter lies under the OLED display to provide useful information on battery performance and is also where the NFC card reader is located.

✓ Lights & signaling Adding to its unique design, a vertical rod LED light is fitted on the front of the stem. There are 4 other deck lights, with 2 white LED lights in the front and 2 red ones at the back. When braking, the two rear deck lights flash a brighter red, safely alerting anyone behind you. An excellent additional safety feature is the option to use turn signals. With the press of a button on the handlebar, you can switch on turn signals that will flash on both the front and rear sides of the deck, increasing your visibility to traffic and pedestrians.

✓ Premium design & build VSETT e-scooters sport a very sleek and modern look and are built to last. The frame material is made from aviation-grade aluminum forged alloy, meaning it is lightweight, stronger than most metals, and incredibly resistant to corrosion. The deck houses the battery underneath along with a rear kick plate that provides more room to comfortably stand on. The height of the stem can also be adjustable to your preferred height. With an IP54 rating, the VSETT 8 and 8+ can handle light rain and water splashes from all sides, (but it is still not recommended and any water damage may not be covered under warranty).

Altogether, the VSETT 8 and 8+ are feature-packed electric scooters that hit all the right spots when compared to other brands in this price range. With their impressive range, powerful drive, convenient portability and safety features, VSETT provides a very appealing option for daily commuters and e-scooter enthusiasts alike.


Specifications                ( 8 / 8+ )

Nominal motor power: 600 W / 1200 W

Peak motor power: 1100 W / 2200 W

Battery type: Li-ion

Battery voltage: 48 V

Battery capacity: 15.6 Ah / 16 Ah

Battery capacity: 750 Wh / 770 Wh

Charging time: 9 hours / 10.5 hours

Range: 50 km / 55 km

Max speed: 40 km/h / 42 km/h

Hill climb: 32.5% / 45%

Unit weight: 20 kg / 25 kg

Max load: 120 kg

Breaks: front and rear drum brakes

Suspension: front and rear, coil spring + PU

Lights: front light strip, 2x front LED light, 2x rear LED light, turn / brake indication

Wheels size: 21,5 cm

Wheels type: front - pneumatic, rear - airless / front - airless, rear - airless

Dimensions: 113.5 x 60 x 121 cm

Dimensions (folded): 109 x 20 x 40 cm

Range 70 / 80 km
Motor 600 W / 1200 W nominal 1100 W / 2200 W peak
Maximum climb angle 32.5 / 45 %
Max speed 42 / 45 km/h
Charge time 9 / 10.5 hours
Max load 120 kg
Dimensions 113.5 x 60 x 121 cm unfolded 109 x 20 x 40 cm folded
Weight 20 / 25 kg

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VSETT 8 / 8+ electric scooter

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