The new VSETT 10+ electric scooter stands almost unrivaled when it comes to performance, speed and range in comparison to competitor e-scooters in this category. Available in 2 versions, the VSETT 10+ maintains most of the hallmark features of VSETT electric scooters but with its own unique upgrades that make it truly one of a kind.

✓ Extreme power With dual 60V HUB motors that have a combined nominal power of 2800 W to a staggering peak power output of 4200 W, the VSETT 10+ is one of the most powerful e-scooters on the market. The torque from these dual motors allows the 10+ to effortlessly climb 30-degree hills (60% grade). Top speeds with dual motors enabled can reach up to 70 km/h and if that’s not enough, adventurous riders can enable a sport mode that adds an additional 10km/h of speed for a maximum of 2 minutes. However, due to regulations the maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h, if you wish to remove this restriction please select the extra option "Max Speed Unlock" when ordering. This time limit keeps the motor from overheating and prevents damage to the electronic speed controller (ESC).

✓ Epic range Compared to lower-end VSETT models, the VSETT 10+ electric scooter comes with a considerable boost in range. Although the range can differ significantly depending on weight, riding style and weather conditions, all three versions of the 10+ still have plenty to offer. The standard model comes with a 1250 Wh, 20.8 Ah lithium-ion battery, providing around 80 km of range in Eco (single-motor) mode. The upgraded 10+ option has either a 1536 or 1680 Wh Samsung lithium-ion battery with a range that can reach up to 110  or 120 km in Eco mode, enough to last for days without charging for most riders. Charging times  of the 10+ are 13.5 h, 17 h and 18.5 hrs each, however this lengthy period can be cut in half by purchasing an additional 1.5A charger to fully utilize the dual charging ports.

✓ Comfortable ride The excellent suspension is one of the major highlights of this electric scooter. The hybrid hydraulic dual coil-spring suspensions make riding the VSETT 10+ very soft and smooth in urban and countryside environments. The large dual pneumatic tires (25.4 x 7.6 cm) offer an added layer of shock absorption and are each fitted with hydraulic disc brakes. An electronic ABS brake system and a motor disengage feature are also integrated with the hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring this powerful e-scooter stops safely and responsively within a short braking distance.

✓ Upgraded design The frame of the VSETT 10+ is robust, to say the least. Made of aviation-grade aluminum, the large deck houses the battery and has lights fitted on the front and rear sides. Dual charging ports are located on top of the deck near the stem rather than the sides, preventing collision damage common in other scooters. A patented 3-lock mechanism ensures the stem stays firm and wobble-free while riding, and includes a built-in turning radius lockout to prevent accidents. Similar in design to a motorcycle, the handlebars are curved for enhanced ergonomic grip and each have a turn signal button where the thumb rests. Those looking to instantly increase speed and power will find the Dual Motor and Sport mode buttons mounted and easily accessible on the left handlebar.

✓ Portability Due to its impressive battery, dual motors and sturdy build, the weight of this heavy-duty e-scooter adds up to around 35.5 kg, varying slightly depending on the model. The handlebars are collapsible and the stem can be folded down to securely lock onto the handle on the rear kick plate to make the electric scooter fully compact (129 x 25 x 54 cm). The integrated handle on the kick plate is also convenient for easily moving the scooter around or lifting into a vehicle. As you can see, VSETT 10+ is not the lightest or smallest e-scooter on the market, but the manufacturer still did their best to make it as portable as possible.

✓ High-tech display The upgraded QS-S4 OLED display shows many indicators, including speed, gear mode, battery capacity and even an odometer. Also, other smart functions, such as cruise control, strength of electronic brakes, etc. can be adjusted from here. Similar to the other models, a wireless NFC card is used to turn on the VSETT 10+ that can also be integrated onto your compatible phone or smartwatch to unlock the scooter. A voltmeter accurately displays battery power and has the NFC card reader housed underneath.

Overall, the VSETT 10+ surpasses expectations with its impressive performance and wide range of features. Although its weight and power may be excessive for the daily commute to work, riders looking for extreme speed and off-road adventures will enjoy riding what is one of the most powerful yet compact electric scooters currently on the market.


Specifications               ( 1250 Wh / 1536 Wh / 1680 Wh )

Nominal motor power: 2800 W

Peak motor power: 4200 W

Battery type: Li-ion

Battery voltage: 60 V

Battery capacity: 20.8 Ah / 25.6 Ah / 28 Ah

Battery capacity: 1250 Wh / 1536 Wh / 1680 Wh

Charging time: 13.5 hours / 17 hours / 18.5 hours

Range: 80 km / 100 km / 120 km

Max speed: 80 km/h

Hill climb: 60%

Unit weight: 35 kg  / 36 kg / 36 kg

Max load: 130 kg

Breaks: front and rear hydraulic disc brakes

Suspension: front and rear, coil spring + hydraulic

Lights: front head light, 2x front LED light, 2x rear LED light, turn / brake indication

Wheels size: 25,4 cm

Wheels type: pneumatic

Dimensions: 129 x 64 x 130 cm

Dimensions (folded): 129 x 25 x 54 cm



Range 130 km / 185 km
Motor 2800 W nominal 4200 W peak
Maximum climb angle 60%
Max speed 80 km/h
Charge time 13.5 hours / 18.5 hours
Max load 130 kg
Dimensions 129 x 64 x 130 cm unfolded 129 x 25 x 54 cm folded
Weight 35-36 kg

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