Differing vastly from modern skateboards with its unique and robust suspension system, the Propel Endeavor 2 Pro electric skateboard is an off-road all-terrain beast built to be challenged. Its range of high-end components, speed, and power make riding Endeavor 2 Pro truly a worthy endeavor.

✓ Advanced Heavy-Duty Suspension Instead of using typical skateboard trucks, the Endeavor 2 Pro electric longboard uses coil-shock suspension that resembles a car suspension system. This unique design choice greatly improves stability as each wheel has its own coil-shock suspension rather than sharing the same truck hangers between wheel pairs, allowing it to easily absorb bumps and bounces on uneven terrain. This makes the Endeavor 2 Pro suspension eboard one of the smoothest and most comfortable electric skateboards you can ride off-road.

✓ Powerful 6000W Motors The Endeavor 2 Pro electric longboard uses two 6374 belt drive motors, the same powerful set of motors as the younger brother the Endeavor 2 S. Each can produce a theoretical maximum output of 3000W and despite their power, are surprisingly not noisy. The top speed of the 2 Pro is 55 km/h and has 38% grade hill climbing capability, meaning there’s enough torque to easily climb most ups and downs around the city or countryside.

✓ Huge Samsung Battery The Endeavor 2 Pro uses a 25Ah, 1110 Wh Samsung battery made up of 50G cells in a 12S5P arrangement, a 40% upgrade in battery capacity from the Endeavor 2 S. The eboard can be fully charged in 5 hours and while range depends on several factors such as the weather, weight load, and road conditions, it produces a total range between 71 km (75 kg rider) to 50 km (100 kg rider).

✓ VESC-based ESC Made by Flipsky, the Propel Endeavor 2 Pro all-terrain longboard uses a VESC6 controller paired with a VX2 remote and is a highlight of this eboard’s components. Commonly used with DIY eboards, VESC is highly configurable and its efficiency allows the Endeavor 2 Pro to have higher speed, range, and an overall silky smooth riding experience that is hard to compete with.Also, in contrast to most other manufacturers, Propel have included the power button on top of the deck, allowing riders to easily turn on the longboard without flipping it over. The VX2 remote is responsive and ergonomic and includes all the indicators such as speed modes, battery capacity, odometer, and more.

✓ Carbon Fiber Deck The carbon fiber deck is stiff and has a wide concave with dimensions of 26 x 78 cm. The durable but lightweight carbon fiber deck reduces weight and its width makes it easy and comfortable to stand on. Underneath the deck are finger wells that improve portability and can act as handles while drifting.

✓ Wheels & Portability The Endeavor 2 Pro comes with 20 cm inflatable pneumatic wheels with a saw-edged tread pattern and 3D grooves, creating great traction and grip on muddy and smooth surfaces while acting as an additional layer of shock absorption. It also comes with aero-grade allloy hubs, in contrast to the plastic hubs cheaper boards usually come with. With a larger battery, heavy motors, and robust ESC, the weight of the Endeavor 2 Pro electric skateboard is 20 kg. While not the lightest eboard around, it can be easily carried or dragged to roll on one side while not riding.

The Propel Endeavor 2 Pro greatly improves upon the Endeavor 2 S with its larger battery and superior ESC. The smooth suspension, silky controls, far-reaching range and power all add up to make the Endeavor 2 Pro off-road electric longboard a premium all-terrain wonder that is a true joy to ride.


What's included:

Propel Endeavor 2 Pro  all-terrain electric skateboard, remote controller, charger, tools, cables, skate tool.


Technical specifications:

Motor power: 2x 3000 = 6000 W

Max incline: 38% 

Max speed: 55 km/h 

Max range: 71 km 

Battery type: Samsung, 12S5P

Battery capacity: 1100 Wh

Charging time: 5 hours

Weight: 20 kg

Max load: 150 kg

Dimensions: 112 x 45 x 23 cm

Wheel size: 20 cm

Energy recuperation when braking

Range 71 km 
Motor 2x 3000W
Maximum climb angle 38% 
Max speed 55 km/h 
Charge time 5 hours
Weight 20 kg

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Propel Endeavor 2 Pro all-terrain electric longboard

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