The Meepo Voyager X electric longboard is a flagship e-skate from Meepo. While less expensive than the Meepo Hurricane, the Voyager X is lighter, more compact, and includes two different types of wheelsets. With impressive features that include high top-speed and range, the Meepo Voyager X is an all-rounder electric skateboard that can also be used as an all-terrain electric longboard.

✓ Extremely Powerful Motors Equipped with two powerful 2775 W brushless DC belt motors that allow for a maximum speed of 46 km/h (90 mm polyurethane wheels) or 64 km/h (110 mm Cyclone wheels), the Meepo Voyager X is one of the fastest electric longboards on the market. The high torque of the motors lets you easily climb hills with incline rates of up to 46%. The motors provide enough power to climb hills with a 15% slope at an incredible speed of 32 km/h.

✓ Big 544 Wh Battery The Meepo Voyager X uses a 12S3P 544 Wh battery made of Molicel P42A cells. Charging the electric longboard takes  just 3 hours using the 50.4V 4.5A fast charger that comes with the board. A fully charged battery allows you to travel a maximum distance of 38 km (90 mm polyurethane wheels) or 58 km (110 mm Cyclone wheels) in ideal conditions. The battery is designed to stay cool throughout the ride, so you don’t have to worry about any overheating issues.

✓ 90 mm & 110 mm wheels The Meepo Voyager X comes with two types of wheels–the 90 mm polyurethane wheels, and the more shock absorbent Cyclone 110S wheels. Also included are pulleys and belts for both the wheel options. While the 90 mm wheels are suitable for cruising on smooth roads, the 110 mm Cyclone wheels allow you to upgrade the longboard to an all-terrain electric skateboard. They provide a comfortable ride on rougher roads and off-road terrains like gravel and grass. In addition to letting you use the Voyager X as an off-road electric longboard, these wheels also increase the e-skate’s top speed and range. The Voyager X’s forged 50° RKP trucks allow for a stable and responsive turning even at high speeds.

✓ Impressive Acceleration and Braking The acceleration of the Meepo Voyager X is extremely powerful, allowing you to reach a speed of 25 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. This e-skate also has a braking distance of 6 metres when you’re travelling at 25 km/h. There is a wheel locking feature that locks the wheels in place while applying the brakes once the e-board comes to a halt. This is useful to prevent the electric longboard from sliding downwards when stopping on hills.

✓ Premium Composite Deck The Meepo Voyager X is 98 cm long, 29.7 cm wide, and weighs 10.8 kg. The deck is built of bamboo and tri-axle fibreglass, and can support a weight of up to 150 kg for peak performance. It is a very flexible, responsive, and high quality deck with excellent vibration and shock absorption to provide a comfortable ride and keep your legs from getting tired while travelling long distances. At the same time, it is stiff enough to ensure stability at high speeds and during aggressive riding conditions. The e-board also comes with good manoeuvrability for easy control.

✓ New ESC and M5S Remote The LYFOC 55B ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) of the Meepo Voyager X eliminates input lag and allows for smooth controlling of the e-board via the Meepo 5S remote. The M5S remote is an improvement to the previous M4S remote. With improved signal stability, it is compact and comes with a USB Type-C port for easy charging. Acceleration and braking are controlled using a thumbwheel, while buttons on the remote allow you to choose from the 4 speed modes and 4 brake modes. You can change the direction of the e-board (to forward/backward), which is indicated by an arrow on the remote’s screen. The screen also displays the battery status (of both the remote and the board), and the e-board’s speed, distance travelled, speed mode, and brake mode.

✓ Better wheels Through a new manufacturer and formula exclusive for the V4 Shuffle, the PU sleeves have been made with a level of durability made to last 3 times longer than the PU sleeves used on other Meepo models. Fitted onto the front of the electric longboard are 90 x 62 mm, 78A off-set core wheels with 90 x 60 mm PU sleeves on the rear. The wider and softer edges of the off-set core wheels offer more contact area and grip while riding, adding to overall control and smoothness.

The Meepo Voyager X is an all-rounder electric longboard with high quality parts that guarantee an enjoyable and comfortable ride. It can also be used as an off-road electric skateboard with the bigger Cyclone wheels. A relatively compact e-skate, the Voyager X delivers incredible speed, range, and power without compromising on weight or size.


What's included:

Meepo Voyager X electric longboard, 110mm Cyclone Wheels, remote controller, charger, tools, cables, skate tool.


Technical specifications (90mm / 110mm wheels) :

Motor power: 5600 W

Max incline: 46% 

Max speed: 46 / 64 km/h 

Max range: 38 km / 58 km 

Battery type:  Li-ion

Battery capacity: 544 Wh 

Charging time: 3 hours 

Weight: 10.8 kg

Wheel size: 90mm / 110mm 

Energy recuperation when braking

Range 58 km 
Motor 2x 2800W
Maximum climb angle 46% 
Max speed 64 km/h 
Charge time 3 hours 
Weight 10.8 kg

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Meepo Voyager X electric longboard

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