The Meepo Mini Dual is the most affordable, compact, lightweight, and portable electric skateboard from Meepo. The Meepo Mini Dual electric skateboard is perfect for kids, teenagers, and beginners who want to practise and learn. Its high portability makes it an excellent choice for travellers and students as well.

✓ Compact & Lightweight The Meepo Mini Dual is 70 cm long, 25.5 cm wide, and weighs just 5.4 kg, making it an extremely compact electric skateboard that is easy to carry around with you. The deck is stiff and sturdy, being made of 7 layers of Canadian Maple, and comes with a slight concave and a stylish design. It also comes with a kicktail that allows for easier pick up from the ground, improved manoeuvrability, and the ability to make sharp turns and hop over bumps and cracks.

✓ Appropriate Battery The 10S1P battery of the Meepo Mini Dual has a 72 Wh capacity, and takes 5 hours to fully charge with the standard charger. However, you can charge this e-board in just 1 hour using the Meepo 2A fast charger that you can buy separately. A full charge allows you to travel a maximum distance of 11.3 km under ideal conditions, which is a good starting point for teenagers and kids or travellers.

✓ 200W Dual Motors The Meepo Mini Dual electric skateboard has a pair of 200 W HUB motors that provide a maximum speed of 30 km/h. If this speed seems too much to you, especially if you’re a beginner and are just learning to e-skate, you can always use the remote to change the speed mode and restrict the top speed. The motor provides enough power for you to easily climb hills with a maximum incline of 10%. This Meepo board, being made for teenagers, supports a maximum weight of 50 kg, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be used by adults who are slightly heavier. Just expect some decrease in the speed and range if you’re on the heavier side.

✓ 4 Speed Modes There are 4 different speed modes, which allow you to set your desired maximum speed. The Safe mode (8 km/h maximum speed) and the New Rider mode (16 km/h maximum speed) are ideal for beginners and children, while the Sports mode (30 km/h maximum speed) and the Sports+ mode (30 km/h maximum speed with quicker acceleration) are suited for experienced riders who want a faster ride.

✓ New Meepo M5 Remote Acceleration and braking are controlled using the Meepo M5 Remote, which also lets you change the speed mode of the Meepo Mini Dual. The LY-FOC 12H ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) of the Meepo Mini Dual ensures smooth acceleration and braking. LED lights in the remote are used to display the battery status and the speed mode.

✓ Shredder 50° Trucks & 75mm Wheels Attached to the Meepo Mini Dual are Shredder 50° trucks with 75 mm wheels that are the perfect size for one of the smallest electric skateboards. The combination of these trucks and wheels ensure great stability for your rides.

The Meepo Mini Dual electric skateboard is a low-cost and lightweight skateboard with speed restrictions that makes it ideal for children, teens, and beginners. It is the most compact Meepo electric skateboard, and is an excellent alternative to electric longboards for students, travellers, and adults who prefer portability over speed and battery.


What's included:

Meepo Mini Dual electric skateboard, remote controller, charger, tools, cables, skate tool.


Technical specifications:

Motor power: 400 W

Max incline: 10% 

Max speed: 30 km/h 

Max range: 11.3 km

Battery type:  Li-ion

Battery capacity: 72 Wh

Charging time: 5 hours / 1 hour (with fast charger)

Weight: 5.4 kg

Wheel size: 75 mm 

Energy recuperation when braking

Range 11.3 km 
Motor 2x 200W
Maximum climb angle 10% 
Max speed 30 km/h 
Charge time 5 hours / 1 hour (quickcharger)
Weight 5.4 kg

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Meepo Mini Dual electric skateboard

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