The Meepo Mini 5 is an affordable and compact electric skateboard that’s great if you’re looking for a portable e-skate. This Meepo electric skateboard comes in two variants—the standard version with an 18 km range, and the extended range (ER) version with a 32 km range, so you can get what suits you best.

✓ Compact & Portable The Meepo Mini 5’s deck is dish-shaped and compact, with a 76.2 cm length and 28.2 cm width. Depending on the variant, this e-skate weighs 7.9 kg (18 km range option) or 8.4 kg (32 km range option). The compactness and weight of this electric board makes it extremely portable. The e-skate can fit in small storage spaces on cars, public transportation, and under desks, so you can conveniently carry it with you wherever you go. The deck is made of 8 ply Canadian maple, and has cut-outs above the wheels to prevent wheel bite. It also comes with a kick-tail that can be used to ride over bumps and cracks, and to easily pick the e-board up from the ground.

✓ Dual 500W Hub Motors The two 500 W hub motors of the Meepo Mini 5 provide enough power to allow for a maximum speed of 45 km/h in ideal conditions, and climb hills with 18% (10°) slopes with ease. These are 6th-generation BLDC motors from Meepo that among other things provide very quiet riding experience. Their structure also allows you to easily replace the outer sleeves or the wheels of the electric skateboard if you ever need to.

✓ 2 Battery and Range Options There are two variants of the Meepo Mini 5 that differ from each other mainly based on the range offered. The standard (and more affordable) option provides an 18 km range and comes with a 144 Wh battery made of 18650 cells. If you want more range, you can go for the 32 km extended range option, which comes with a 288 Wh battery made of 21700 cells. The charging time for both variants is 2.8 hours. Features like the top speed, deck size, and hill climbing ability of the electric skateboard remain the same across both versions of the Meepo Mini 5.

✓ Wheels and Trucks This mini electric skateboard has 90 mm 78 A wheels and 5th-generation Shredder 45° RKP trucks with heightened 19 mm 92 A bushings that make the electric skateboard highly responsive and manoeuvrable. These trucks make the Mini 5 more conductive to carving and turning, allowing for easier control and thus making the e-board more beginner-friendly.

✓ LY-FOC ESC for Precise Control The Mini 5 uses the LY-FOC 1.0 ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) designed by Meepo and Lingyi Tech. Signals from the remote and the motor are sampled every millisecond, ensuring a strong and stable connection for precise control and responsiveness. The push-to-start feature allows you to power the e-board on by pushing it forward, which is easier and more convenient than using the power button on the board.

✓ Compact Remote The standard variant of the Mini 5 comes with the Meepo M5 remote, while the ER variant comes with the Meepo M5S remote. A thumb wheel is used to control the acceleration and braking, and all other functions are carried out using the buttons on the remote. The M5 remote uses LED lights to show information such as speed mode, direction, and battery status, while the M5S remote uses a display screen. Both variants come with 4 speed modes, allowing beginners to practise at low speeds.

The Meepo Mini 5 is one of the cheapest electric skateboards that’s great for cruising or using as a form of transportation for short distances at low speeds. It is a small and lightweight electric skateboard that is easily portable, making it a nice choice for students and travellers as well.


What's included:

Meepo 5 electric skateboard, remote controller, charger, tools, cables, skate tool.


Technical specifications (Standard / ER) :

Motor power: 1000 W

Max incline: 18% 

Max speed: 45 km/h 

Max range: 18 km / 32 km 

Battery type:  Li-ion

Battery capacity: 144 Wh / 288 Wh

Charging time: 2.8 hours

Weight: 7.9 kg / 8.4 kg

Wheel size: 90 mm 

Energy recuperation when braking

Range 18 km / 32 km 
Motor 2x 500W
Maximum climb angle 18% 
Max speed 45 km/h 
Charge time 2.8 hours 
Weight 7.9 / 8.4 kg

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Meepo Mini 5 electric skateboard

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