Hailed as Meepo’s flagship and most powerful electric skateboard to date, the Meepo Hurricane Carbon 2 in 1 takes the eboard market by storm with its range of high-end specs and durability. Including both All-terrain and Street wheels, the Meepo Hurricane off-road electric longboard far exceeds its price tag with its robust build, premium features, and top-of-the-line components.

✓ Giant Motors The Hurricane comes with a set of 6374 brushless DC belt motors that can produce a combined power output of 7000W and a max speed of 55 km/h. The resulting torque behind such power allows this all-terrain electric skateboard to easily climb 45% grade hills and includes a wheel locking feature that allows the eboard to stand still while going up or downhill.

✓ Molicel Battery Cells Considered one of the best eboard batteries in the market, the Hurricane Carbon is equipped with a 12S4P, 726Wh battery made up of 48 Molicel P42A cells. Safely encased within an aluminum shell, the battery offers enough power to achieve a high torque, eliminates voltage sag, and allows for an impressive maximum range from around 50 km (All-terrain wheels) to 70 km (Street wheels) on a single charge. Out of the box is a 50.4V, 6.5A charger that can fully charge the eboard in just 2.8 hours.

✓ All-terrain & street wheels Out of the box this off-road electric skateboard comes with 175 x 50mm All-terrain pneumatic wheels (inflatable wheels offer better shock absorption and traction) and 72A, 105 x 65mm urethane Cyclone wheels that are flat-proof and better suited for smooth surfaces. In addition to having standard pulley axles (10mm) that allow any wheel with the right pulley to be used, Meepo also offers 5 additional wheels (165mm, 110mm and 190mm pneumatic wheels and 120mm and 105mm Cloudwheels), giving riders a great variety of options to experiment and choose from

✓ Latest LingYi ESC Evolving from a long line of LingYi ESCs, the LY-FOC 70B does an excellent job in competing with Hobbywing to provide similar overall control and responsiveness. Configured to 70 Amps (more than most ESCs around) gives this off-road electric skateboard extraordinary hill climbing and acceleration capability. Along with 4 speed modes are also 4 brake strengths that can be cycled through to suit different preferences. The popular push-to-start feature is included, allowing the longboard to be activated with a simple push, and the M4S remote display has all the indicators such as speed, battery life, and an odometer to keep riders informed and in control as they cruise around.

✓ Carbon Fiber Deck Made entirely of carbon fiber, the sleek longboard deck has dimensions of 112.5 x 34 cm and houses the battery along with its aluminum casing. Known as a double drop deck, the truck baseplates are elevated above the standing area to provide more stability. The deck has a waterproof level of IP67, meaning it can be submerged up to a meter in water for a limited time with no issues and Meepo has demonstrated it to be flexible enough to withstand being run over by a car without a scratch. But it is still not recommended to ride in rain due to safety and any water damage may not be covered under warranty.

✓ Weighty but Portable Combining all the powerful components and features of this electric skateboard, it is no surprise that it’s not a light one. The weight with All-terrain wheels is 15.6 kg and 14.4 kg with Street ones. Instead of carrying the longboard, it can be held from one side and conveniently left to roll from the other while walking around.

Although the Meepo Hurricane Carbon 2 in 1 off-road electric longboard comes at a higher cost compared to other Meepo eboards, it still offers a level of value and quality that is hard to come by at this price point. The attention to detail, high-end components, and overall performance of the Hurricane make it an excellent choice for riders looking for a reliable and long-term electric skateboard.


What's included:

Meepo Hurricane off-road electric longboard with 2 sets of wheels, remote controller, charger, tools, cables, skate tool.


Technical specifications (Offroad / Street):

Motor power: 2x 3500 = 7000 W

Max incline: 46% 

Max speed: 56 km/h 

Max range: 50 km / 70 km 

Battery type:  Molicel P42A, 12S4P

Battery capacity: 726 Wh

Charging time: 2.8 hours

Weight: 15.6 kg / 14.4 kg

Max load: 250 kg

Dimensions: 112.5 x 34 x 12.5 cm

Wheel size: 175 mm / 105 mm 

Energy recuperation when braking

Range 50 km / 70 km 
Motor 2x 3500W
Maximum climb angle 46% 
Max speed 56 km/h 
Charge time 2.8 hours
Weight 15.6 kg / 14.4 kg

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Meepo Hurricane Carbon 2in1 off-road electric longboard

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