Speedio MAX is the top of the product line. It has maxed out specifications while keeping an attractive design. Huge 10,5" air-filled wheels together with a pair of strong 350W motors provide great offroading capabilities and a top end Samsung battery provides enough energy for a 20km range. And to top it all up, a loud Bluetooth speaker is built-in allowing you to play music from your phone!


Speedio Max is a new, elegant and fast way of transportation and a guaranteed way of having fun with your friends.  Do you believe you are too old for skateboards? Try our  Speedio Max and you will feel like someone from the future. It's fast, quiet, effective and cheap.


Speedio Max is based on a similar concept as a pioneer of this technology, segway. But  Speedio Max mini segway doesn't only offer a revolutionary gyroscopic technology. It also offers compact dimensions and weighs only 14 kg. (Btw. if that's not your cup of coffee, check out our range of electric scooters and electric longboards, it may suit you better.) And on top of all that, it costs a lot less than segway. Because of its big wheels, Speedio Max can handle rough terrain with rocks and grass. It's perfect for vacation, free time or as an auxiliary vehicle in warehouses and shopping malls.  


Bluetooth speakers


Our Speedio Max has built-in speakers, which work the same way as your regular Bluetooth speaker from an electronic shop.

Once you turn the Speedio on, you simply connect your mobile phone to it via Bluetooth and you can blast your music away.


Gyroscopic system


The auto balance system is based on the cooperation of intelligent microchips and gyroscopes, which calculate the position of the Speedio and of the rider. That allows you to turn on the spot or ride backward and forward without losing your balance. Speedio feels when you lean forward or backward and it adjusts the speed accordingly, in order to balance you out. If you want to slow down, all you have to do is to stand upright and the hoverboard will stop. For safety reasons, the max speed of Speedio Sport is limited to 15 km/h. (If that's not enough for you, check out our electric longboards, where a top speed of 40 km/h is just a starting point.) If you exceed this limit, the control unit will automatically slow you down.




 Speedio Max models are supplied with 36V 4.4 Ah SAMSUNG batteries. The charge time is roughly 1 to 2 hours.




Speedio Max has 10.5" air-filled wheels. Because of its big diameter, Speedio Offroad can handle rougher terrain such as rocks and grass.


Technical specifications:


Dimensions: 70 x 34 x 34 cm

Charge time: 2-3h

Motor: 2x 350W/36V

Max speedt: 15 km/h

Weight: 14 kg

Max incline: : 25°

Battery: Samsung Li-ION

Max load: 120 kg

Remote controller included!

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Speedio MAX hoverboard

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