Presenting a new level of customizability, design, and power, the Exway Atlas is a premium electric skateboard that sets a high standard for competing brands. Available in 2WD and 4WD with different wheel options, there is a lot to unpack with the Exway Atlas that makes it a top contender to being one of the best and most versatile off-road electric skateboards currently around.

✓ Phone app & ESCs Not limited by common ESCs in the market, Exway takes customizability to the next level by producing their own exclusive ESC and a phone app to work seamlessly with the Atlas. Through the Exway app, you can adjust speed and brake levels for not only one (2WD) but both (4WD) drive trains to make your Atlas entirely unique to your riding style. Notable options included are 4 speed modes, a Turbo mode, and a convenient standby mode to remotely turn on the board. Combined all together with Exway’s firmware upgrades, and you have a steadily evolving eboard that keeps on delivering.

✓ Top speed & power Powered by dual belt drive trains, the peak power output of the 2WD model alone is 2000W. If that’s not enough, the 4WD model is fitted with a quad-motor drive train and double ESC's that reach a staggering peak power output of 3000W, allowing it to easily conquer hills graded up to 40%. The top speeds between 2WD and 4WD models are similar, ranging from 48 km/h to 51 km/h respectively with off-road wheels equipped, and decreasing by roughly 5km/h with the polyurethane street wheels.

✓ All-terrain & street wheels Both the 2WD and 4WD models are available either Off-road with 160mm pneumatic all-terrain wheels or 2-in-1, which includes puncture-resistant 90mm polyurethane street wheels along with the pneumatic all-terrain ones. In addition to their great traction, the pneumatic wheels act as excellent shock absorbers that dampen bumpy terrain and help increase speed due to their larger diameter. In contrast, switching to street wheels will increase range and torque. The Atlas also has 3rd party wheel compatibility for many brands and has additional wheel options for more extreme off-road riding.

✓ Double kingpin Trist trucks The Exway Atlas comes with new die-cast 9.5’’ double kingpin Trist trucks that are made exclusively by Exway. With an enhanced reinforced base, double barrels for bushings, and other innovative design features, the result is a very stable riding experience, even at advanced speeds, with plenty of fast carving potential. The trucks were even called “best there is” by numerous reviewers.

✓ Great range The Atlas comes with a 518Wh smart battery consisting of 21700 cells in 12S3P configuration, housed in a carbon fibre casing for improved heat dissipation. Although dependent on several factors, the maximum range of both the 2WD and 4WD models differ only slightly. Lighter in weight, the 2WD model can reach up to 30 km with all-terrain wheels and 54 km with street wheels. Not far behind, the 4WD model accomplishes up to 27 km and 42 km with all-terrain and street wheels respectively.

✓ Carbon fibre deck Made of strong composite carbon fibre, the high level of durability and quality of the deck matches its pleasing aesthetic design further enhanced by a surface layer of shock-absorbing grip tape. Designed with a soft w-shape curvature comfortable to stand on, the deck (100 x 25.5 cm) is firm and provides a shallow concave, making it suitable for long rides.

✓ Upgradable parts The Atlas has a range of modular parts that can be mounted onto the frame. To protect the motors, aviation-grade aluminum motor bash guards can be fitted on one or both sides, depending on the model. Steel fenders can be added that include adjustable mounting brackets compatible with SL-200 and SL-1000 Shredlights. You can further personalize your eboard with a range of other accessories, such as a deck handle, sealed belt covers, and more.

Far exceeding expectations, the Exway Atlas is an exceptional all-terrain electric longboard that stands in a league of its own with its customizability, performance, and quality. Whether you are a new or experienced rider, both the Off-road and 2-in-1 models of this high-end eboard explore the limits of what electric skateboards have to offer and can be made to have something for everyone.


What's included:

Exway Atlas electric longboard, remote controller, charger, tools, cables, skate tool.


Technical specifications: ( 2WD / 4WD )

Motor power: 2000 W / 3000 W

Max incline: 35 % / 40 % 

Max speed: 48 km/h / 51 km/h

Max range: 54 km / 42 km

Battery type, brand:  Li-Ion 

Battery capacity: 518 Wh 

Charging time: 3.5 h

Weight: 11.5 kg / 12.5 kg

Energy recuperation when braking

Range 54 km / 42 km
Motor 2000 W / 3000 W
Maximum climb angle 35% / 40%
Max speed 48 km/h / 51 km/h
Charge time 3.5 h
Max load 100 kg
Dimensions 118.6×31.2×16.0 cm
Weight 11.5 kg / 12.5 kg

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Exway Atlas offroad electric longboard

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