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Are you bored of walking everywhere on foot? Thanks to our electric longboard KOOWHEEL D3M V2 you have a better option available now. Here's why: 

We are proud to present a new electric longboard from the KOOWHEEL brand. Skateboard, longboard, electric motor, it has it all. Electric longboard removes the need to manually push,  replacing it with a  beautiful smooth movement using a pair of its 350W electric motors. The speed of the ride is controlled by a new remote, which improves the handling significantly. The technical specifications and price/performance ratio puts this model amongst the best in its category, such as  Boosted Boards or Evolve Skateboards. 

Electric longboards are a small revolution in the field of personal transportation. Moreover, the designers focused on aesthetics as well, resulting in a product that's hard to distinguish from "regular" longboards. In comparison to other electric transportation vehicles, such as electric scooters, mini segway, segways or even electric cars, electric longboards are characterized by their lightness and portability. 

The combination of 2 powerful electric motors, 5.5 Ah battery and the pure joy of being part of the transportation revolution creates a magical experience. And if you also buy an additional battery, your options are virtually unlimited. But this longboard is not only about range, quite the contrary.  Its equipped with 2 HUB motors with the combined power of 700W,  resulting in a top speed of 40 km/h, so hold on to your hats! 


What's included: KOOWHEEL electric longboard with remote controller, charging cable, USB cable for charging the remote controller, small accessories and manual. 


Technical specifications 

Motor power 2x350 = 700 W 

Max speed: 40 km/h 

Max range: 25 km 

Battery type, brand: Li-Ion, Samsung 

Battery capacity: 5500 mAh 

Charging time: 3 hours 

Weight: 6,8 kg 

Max load: 130kg 

Wheel size: 97mm 

Replaceable battery 

Replaceable wheels 

Recuperation when braking

Range 25 km
Motor 2x350 = 700 W
Max speed 40 km/h
Charge time 3h
Max load 130 kg
Weight 6,8 kg

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Electric longboard KOOWHEEL D3M V2

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